Deep South Productions GUITAR LESSON PROGRAM

Great Neck Guitar's lesson program has long been recognized as the finest in diversity and dedication to teaching all aspects of playing the guitar. From the Beginner to Advanced Players needing to hone their stage skills, let our teachers work with you.

Lessons are just $12.00 per half hour, and Studio Times are available during our business hours of 10:00am – 6:00pm, Monday through Thru . Studio availability is based on the entire program's current schedule.

Lessons are tailored to the individual student’s ability and goals. There are no books or study methods required and teachers provide staff paper with every lesson so students have a historical record of everything that is being covered.

Instructors recommend that each student bring a folder in which to retain the information provided during every lesson. This has proven to be more effective than requiring students to purchase a particular “study method” since each student has different abilities and desires for their lesson program. This folder becomes a valuable resource for the student's practice sessions at home.

Information is provided in a clear manner and all instructors are experienced in playing, but also teaching guitar.


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